Hikes are such a great way to get some outdoor exercise, see a gorgeous view and explore a new place. Theres a hike out there for every level, if you type in "hike ___" wherever you're going will have a list and organized by beginner to hard. 

The Hike: Bald Hills 12km there and back
Location: About 1/2 hour from Jasper, Alberta
Time: Took us just over 4 hours, said it would take 6 hours
Hiking is such a fun form of exercise and we are so fortunate to live 3-4 hours away from the mountains. We were on our way to BC for holidays, and you can't drive through the mountains without stopping to explore at least once. This hike was really wonderful, I kept stopping, turning around and looking at the view. At a certain point you can take a much steeper more challenging trail which is the one we chose, but there is also a more gently inclining trail you can take which is a bit longer. This was a challenging hike in certain places, but it was really fun! We ended up hitting snow and this was the end of June, so that was an interesting surprise.

The Hike: Juniper Trail 6km there and back 
The Location: Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Time: 1.5-2 hours
This hike's distance isn't too bad but it is essentially just switchbacks all the way up. It's right before the hot springs pool so you could hike all the way and then go straight to the springs where it finishes. We hiked up for over an hour and then went back to where we parked and then went to the hot springs. Now the hot springs are the best thing ever to go to after a nice long hike.